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OneStone Attends Water Distribution System Analysis Conference

OneStone's Eelko van der Vaart has recently attended the 14th Water Distribution System Analysis (WDSA) Conference, held in Adelaide from 24 to 27 September 2012. The Conference brought together high profile national and international speakers and delegates for a series of paper presentations and workshops. Conference themes included water distribution network optimisation, sustainable water distribution systems and transient (water hammer) analysis.

Eelko was in Adelaide to present a paper with the title “Control System Analysis for a Large Scale Pumping Station”. The paper resulted from Eelko’s involvement in the commissioning of one of the Water Corporation’s largest pump stations, Ravenswood Pump Station. By comparing modelling results with field data, Eelko was able to show that a model that OneStone developed for the pump station’s control system, accurately replicates the behaviour of the actual control system.

Eelko is also a co-author for another paper that was presented at the conference. Chengchao Xu of the Water Corporation was the main author of a paper that presents a simple model for the dynamic behaviour of pressure reducing valves during a water hammer event. Pressure reducing valves are widely used, but surprisingly little is known about their response to a sudden drop or rise in pressure. The simple model described in the paper was applied during the design stage of Ravenswood Pump Station and helped to significantly reduce the investment required to protect the water distribution system from potentially damaging pressure waves.

Overall, the conference was a great opportunity to get up to date on the latest developments, meet some of the big names in the water distribution system field and mingle with likeminded people. Eelko returned to Perth with a collection of new contacts and the latest ideas on water distribution system design and analysis.